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We are an online marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses reach their target audience and achieve their goals. With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to develop effective marketing strategies that drive results.

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Providing exceptional online marketing services to help your business grow

GID Agency was founded to help businesses grow through online marketing. We believe the secret to growing a successful business is genuinely caring about the people you serve.

We understand and have experienced firsthand the hard work, and perseverance it takes to grow a thriving business. Now our central goal is to serve and support other business owners. To help you be there when customers need you, respond quickly to your needs, and guide you in a growing business.

We will be your partner, and always beyond to help you exceed your goals.

Meet our founders

Meet the founders of Gid Agency, a marketing and IT firm specializing in helping businesses grow and succeed. With a combined expertise in marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship, they have a unique perspective on how to create and implement effective marketing strategies that drive results. Their passion for helping businesses thrive has led them to build a successful agency that supports clients from various industries around the globe.

Co-founder Aaron

Aaron Kotasi


Aaron who’s spent the past 15 years in an IT and Marketing Environment. Scaled multiple companies into 8 figures and is always there to help his clients.

Co-founder Lotte

Lotte Bloem


Meet Lotte a developer and designer. Lotte is a well-rounded individual who brings a unique blend of technical and creative skills to the table.


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